AustriAlpin Rondo ID alloy Slide AutoLock - Black hardcoated

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AustriAlpin Rondo ID alloy Slide AutoLock - Black hardcoated


HMS RONDO Slide Autolock – the world’s fastest autolock carabiner!

The HMS RONDO carabiner meets all expectations regarding easy handling and tangible safety.

The HMS RONDO is equipped with the fastest locking mechanism worldwide – the Slide Autolock! The Slide Autolock can be opened easily by just pressing the embedded brass slider. The gate automatically locks when releasing the slider. Through the embedded positioning of the button, it’s nearly impossible to open the gate unintendedly. Especially users who are looking for an easy-to-use and safe carabiner will love the HMS RONDO Slide Autolock.

The design of the carabiner prevents the build up of sharp edges from rope friction. The round profile allows for fluid rope management.

The HMS RONDO Slide Autolock is covered with Hard Coat, a specialized anodized coating. Thanks to its double strength and higher base-hardness, this coating offers higher robustness and therefore a much longer lifetime - perfect for frequent use.

Another special feature of the HMS RONDO ID slide autolock is its unique identification number [ID].


  • Aluminium
  • Carabinertype: HMS 
  • Breaking load length: 23 kN
  • Breaking load cross: 10 kN
  • Breaking load open: 7 kN
  • Snapper opening: 26 mml
  • Closure: Slide Autolock
  • Weight: 84 g


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