Beal Escaper

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Beal Escaper

 • Detachable abseil system. It allows abseiling when only a single length of rope is available. 
• It can be used with all rope diameters from 7,3 mm

Rappelling on a single rope strand and pull off the rope.

No magic, but perhaps the most interesting at the Outdoor 2017 presented innovation in mountaineering. A short string of rope, a Dyneema sling and a small rubber ring cleverly connected with each other and then you can deduct the entangled in the escaper climbing rope.

The only 90 gram heavy descender comes in a small shell and has space in every canyon backpack. The application requires some familiarity with the tool and, as the name implies, is primarily intended for emergencies, although the escaper can also be used to rappel aboard the tour. The big advantage: It can always be roped off the entire length of the climbing rope.


How does the Escaper work? The rope end of the Escaper is threaded through the Abseilpunkt (not by two farther apart securing points) and then pulled through the prefabricated band loop rings. Then you pull the rope tail completely through, which contracts the threaded through the securing point rope loop, and ties the climbing rope end with an inserted sack stitch in the loop. Then rappel, with the rope - AND THAT IS LIFE IMPORTANT - always with at least 10 kg. must be charged. Because by Ent- and subsequent load, the dyna sling loosens and the escaper can open in extreme cases with repeated release and reload. If you arrive at the end of the abseiling trip (stand, floor, band, etc.), you take the strain off or pull eight times on the single rope and the escaper loosens and falls down with the single rope.

Application area

According to Beal, the Escaper is suitable for abseiling on a single rope or double rope. It can be used for climbing tours, mountain tours with individual rappelling points, ski and freeride tours with abseiling and via ferrata and canyoning tours.

Conclusion for canyoning: A great tool that you should always have thanks to its low weight. It opens up new possibilities for abseiling and thus provides security. The escaper also requires an exact knowledge of the product and rappel disciplin, as the rope during the descent always with at least 10 kg. to remain loaded, which is especially in the flat terrain, when I use the rope, for example. has imposed etc. MUST be observed. Despite this small restriction a great product!


  • Weight: 90 g
  • Capacity: 18 kN
  • Cable thicknesses: from 7.3 mm
  • Norm: EN 795 B
  • Manufacturer: Beal

To see the demovideo you can look at the Facebookpage of Beal


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