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CZ AS (Amarrage Souple)

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 CZ (CanyonZone)  AS (Amarrage Souple)

 Flexible anchor point for caving.

 AS stands for Amarrage Souple what means a smooth anchor point widely used in caving.
Dural head for the use of a Dyneema rope Ø 5 mm ring
 can be chosen as option (1.5m standard length) or can be ordered separatly by the meter.
Assembly is a universal, lightweight anchor without carabiner (classical moor, Y natural point in the ceiling), or deviation.
Good length of the dyneema rings is expected between 40 and 65cm flat closed and tied with a double knot fisherman (which requires dyneema 5mm in between 110 to 150cm respectively).

  • Placed on spit (supplied with captive stainless steel screws) or pin (8 mm in 2 cases).
  • Tensile strength: 16 kN ceiling.
  • Shear strength: 11 kN wall.
  • The photo shows the complete finish. 23g (36g and full anchor AS-mounted 40 cm).
  1. Use 7075 high-strength aviation aluminum, anodized surface treatment.
  2. Specification of auxiliary rope used: 5mm 100% ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene Specification of auxiliary rope used bolt: M8.
  3. Minimum breaking strength: shearing force≥12kN drawing force≥12kN.

Warning: The ultimate strength of this lightweight SRT flexible anchor depends on the type of auxiliary rope used. This lightweight flexible anchor must use a 5mm diameter 100% ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene / dyneema rope. Stringing may cause serious personal injury or even death. This product is not PPE, and the company is not responsible for all personal and property losses caused by the user's incorrect use of this product.

Choose your version:

  • CZ AS
  • CZ AS + inox unlost screw M8
  • CZ AS + 1.5m dyneema 5mm rope
  • CZ AS full kit (+ inox unlost screw M8 + 1.5m dyneema 5mm rope)


  • Product Name: Flexible Anchor (AS)
  • Material:7075 aviation grade aluminum alloy
  • Specification: 2.8*1
  • Weight: 12g


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