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Le Coeur – Descendeur / débrayeur de Canyoning

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Le Coeur – Descendeur / débrayeur de Canyoning

 Le Coeur - now available 

 COEUR?  It’s a simple, intuitive and versatile descender designed primarily for canyoning!

It’s going to be easier to use, with multiple braking options that can be implemented during the descent. It’s easy to use for self-belaying, makes stops while descending quick and efficient thanks to a simplified key, and can also be used as a belay instrument to install an rappel rope.

RELEASABLE: Use the Coeur in canyoning to release and ensure safety.

RAPPEL: Use the Coeur in canyoning to descend or progress on a rope.

This descender has been developed and manufactured in France.
Development has been done by 9Spirit.



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