Vallée de la Tinée - Canyoning Alpes-Maritimes

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Vallée de la Tinée - Canyoning Alpes-Maritimes

 Authorsby Franck Jourdan, Jean-François Fiorina, Gilles Charles
Language: French

High flow, dry canyons, long runs and initiation descents, the Tinée valley is the richest in terms of canyoning in the department. There are countless spots from the Gorges de la Mescla to the high alpine valley of Mercantour.

Through this book, all in color of 112 pages, you will cover 27 descents. Each sheet is made up of a technical description, schematic cross-sections and a micro-map of the sector.

To the south, you will find limestone and steep-sided canyons, often dry, which can be descended in winter in compliance with the regulations. In the north, the gneiss dominates with alpine canyons, vertical and loaded with water. There is something for all tastes and all seasons.

Twentyseven topocarts describe the following sites:

  1.  - Coulet Large
  2.  - Cramassouri
  3.  - Vilette
  4.  - Vallière de Roueste
  5.  - Pellegrin
  6.  - Figgiette
  7.  - Bairois
  8.  - Goulotte
  9.  - Chaudanne
  10. - Bramafan
  11. - Vignale
  12. - Moulin de Teyssères
  13. - Chalanches
  14. - Dragonière
  15. - Moulin de Roubion
  16. - Bausset
  17. - Bonanuech
  18. - Louch
  19. - Guercha
  20. - Trérious
  21. - Burenta
  22. - Riou Blanc
  23. - Lugière
  24. - Trou des Corneilles
  25. - Pis de l'Aiga
  26. - Claï
  27. - Sestrière

Each file is the subject of a descriptive introduction, specifies the characteristic elements (municipality, map, elevation, length, altitude departure, time of approach, descent and return, length of useful rope, quotation, length of the possible shuttle). A description details the access, approach and return. A simplified map of each site makes it easier to understand and avoids getting lost... And a detailed topographic profile allows you to have a precise overview of the obstacles.

Finally, a notable feature that gives a specific character to this work, the cards are regularly separated by a short text, between the tale and the anecdote, signed by Gilles Charles. These interludes are often mischievous and poetic. Finally, many photos encourage you to discover these places.

Release November 2022
Format 14.8x21cm
Number of pages 112
Main Canyons 27

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