Raumer ANTRAX anchor in stainless steel 8x80mm

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Raumer ANTRAX anchor in stainless steel 8x80mm

 The smallest in the resin anchor range and currently the only Ø 8 mm model on the market.

The dimensions are smaller and the surface is a pale matt grey, making it the least visible resin anchor.


  • Shank with knurled surface;
  • Anchor with the best sealing performance in the resin than the other systems
  • Anchor resistance unchanged respect to those of greater diameter
  • This anchor also saves on resin as the drill hole must only be 9 mm x 80 mm. (Usually a Ø10 mm hole is used).
  • Drilling a 9 mm hole also saves the drill's battery power.
  • It is also very cost-effective.


  • Material: Stainless Steel AISI 316L
  • Made in Italy
  • From 2013 the material used in the majority of our anchors is now stainless steel AISI 316L, which offers a higher resistance to marine corrosion than the former AISI 304. To highlight this change each article is stamped with the relevant symbols.
  • Avalable in “MARINA” Version - Art. 298 M, highly resistant to saline corrosion: the anchors have been marked with a fish symbol and the initials “INOX".
  • Weight: 75 gr
  • Dimensions of the shank: 8 x 80 mm
  • Static Shear Strenght: 26 KN
  • Extraction Static Strenght: 27 KN
  • Usable by 1 person at a time
  • Warranty: 3 years


  • Compliance certificate EN 959:2018 – Rock Anchors
  • Compliance certificate UNI 11578:2015 – type A Anchor
  • UIAA 123 - 2


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