LACD Emergency Tent Lightweight

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LACD Emergency Tent Lightweight

 An emergency tent to bring in under the victim in a cave or canyon without too much hassle with loose rescue blankets. The light weight and small pack size it is easy to stop in a barrel away.

The LACD Emergency Tent Superlight is made of sheet material and so to very light and compact at the same time. The inside of the tent is a polyethylene film that has been treated with aluminum so that a large part of the body heat is reflected and hence the victim can partially keep warm itself as well as a candle which can be placed in the tent. The film is taped and moreover wind and waterproof.

The associated pack bag is made so that the emergency tent after use can be packed again.

The emergency tent is provided with a rope and can be used several times during normal use. This sharp stones and strong pulling force on the material and the seams must be avoided. A tear or hole can be easily repaired with tape.


  • extremely light
  • insulating effect by heat reflection
  • small pack size \
  • foil material that is wind and waterproof

Emergency Tent

  • 240cm long
  • 110cm wide
  • 226 grams incl. Rope
  • 224g


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