Wing bolt M8 for spit plates

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Wing bolt M8 for spit plates

 Replace the standard bolt on the spit plate model Petzl Vrillée or Petzl Coudée with a wing bolt to be able to mount your spit plates without an equipping key during the cave.
Replacement on the CZ AS (Amarrage Souple) requires an M8 x L 20mm, which is available on request.

 Wing Bolt American model

  • DIN 316
  • M8 x 16mm L
  • full thread
  • Grade: SS / INOX A2

d (diameter)   M8
P (pitch)         1.25
L (length)       16mm
m                    ≈ 7,5mm
h                     ≈ 14,8mm
E                     ≈ 30,3mm
g                     ≈ 2,8mm
Thread Type   Metric coarse thread (standard)
Material type   Stainless steel
Grade              A2


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