Canyons de Haute-Savoie

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Canyons de Haute-Savoie

 Charletty / Gudefin / Hugon - CDS 74-2004 - French

Haute-Savoie is the land of the mountains, most known of the Mont-Blanc. Haute-Savoie is also the land of the caving with two of the deepest caves in the world (the Gouffre Jean Bernard -1602 m below Folly massif and the Gouffre Mirolda -1733 m below Criou Massif in Samoens). But the Haute Savoie is also the land of the canyons.

The relatively high altitude offers grandiose and varied landscapes, while glaciaire nutrition basins throughout the year provide cold water but also an interesting flow. Custom neoprene clothing is recommended.

This guidebook describes 40 canyons, ranging from simple walks through and around water to alpine canyons with a big commitment.

This book contains 40 topographic sheets of several canyons from simple strolls to alpine canyons with a high commitment in calcaire pre-Alps of Haut Giffre, Bornes, and Chablais, in the gneiss-canyons of Aiguilles Rouges, or granite canyons of the Mont-Blanc.

One of the jewels of the canyons of the Alpes du Nord is the Diosaz (nowadays access to these canyons is prohibited by municipal decree). Or Rock canyon, a real water play track with surprising edges.

We hope you will enjoy this book, even more, that you are going through the same great time when we when we visited these canyons.

Authors: Christian Charletty Bruno HUGON, Gérard GUDEFIN, Jean-Pierre Beaudoin

The content:

Why this guidebook?
Scoring of the difficulty of the canyon
Use of the guide
list of the canyons
regional support
typology of the canyons
Chips topos:
No1 - Canyon d'Angon
No2 - Cascades d'Arpenaz
No3 - Canyon de Barberini
No4 - Canyon de la Belle au Bois
No5 - Cascades de la Belle Inconnue
No6 - Cascades de Bellevaux
No7 - Gorges du Bronze
No8 - Canyon du Clévieux
No9 - Torrent de Coeur
No10 - Canyon de Creve Coeur
No11 - Canyon de la Diosaz
No12 - Cascades Doran
No13 - Ravin d'Etry
No14 - Cascades des Favrands
No15 - Gorges du Fier
No16 - Canyon de la Filière
No17 - Canyon du Foron
No18 - Cascades des Fours
No19 - Canyon de Frontenex
No20 - Gorges du Giffre
No21 - Canyon du Glapet
No22 - Canyon de la Mine
No23 - Canyon de Montmin
No24 - Cascades de Morette
No25 - Canyon du Nant d'Orlier
No26 - Nant de la Rippaz
No27 - Cascades de Nyon
No28 - Cascades d'Ox
No29 - Gorges Parmand
NO30 - Canyon of the Potty
No31 - Cascades Reninge
NO32 - Rock Canyon in the ou de Balme
No33 - Canyon des Sambuis
No34 - Cascades du Saix
No35 - Canyon de la Tine of the Fund (amont)
No36 - Canyon de la Tine of the Fund (aval)
No37 - Canyon de Tré la Téte
No38 - Torrent d'Ubine
No39 - Canyon des Usses
No40 - Canyon de la Vogealle

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158p: Many color photos. 24 cm. 2nd Edition


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