100 beaux canyons méditerranéens

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100 beaux canyons méditerranéens

 Author (s): Jean-Francois FIORINA and Franck JOURDAN - Editions GAP - 2007 - French

This book leads every practitioner of the sport canyoning through the canyons of the Alpes Maritimes. The book covers all levels, from easy family canyons to the really big sporting descents in this Garden of Eden of the canyoning sport. The Alpes Maritimes is a paradise for canyoning. This book describes the 100 most beautiful canyons of this region ... This will take Editions GAP and the authors beaten hands together and make you 100 BEAUX CANYONS MEDITERRANEENS for a color guide of 320 pages, with more than 200 photographs, and descriptions 100 runs spread over 12 valleys in this mythical department. Each description contains a precise technical sheet and a schematic cross section. The 100 most beautiful descents are chosen and described with respect for the environment, the community and the law. This work is therefore human and nature friendly. In short, this book leads the canyoneer, depending on his level, through simple family canyons to the really big sporting descents in the hinterland. - 320 pages, color; 24 cm. - Emotions guaranteed!


  • Nature of the canyons;
  • Safety and help in the canyon;
  • Regulations regarding canyoning in the department;
  • Equipment in the canyons;
  • System level indicator;
  • Use of the book.


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