Canyoningen met Japie in de Rio Vero

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Canyoningen met Japie in de Rio Vero

 Written by E. Gera Nagelhout

Children's book to read out about canyoning with illustrations in paperback form.


Japie and his father often go on vacation to the mountains of Spain. They are doing the best sport there is: canyoning. A canyon is a gap in the mountains where there is often a lot of water flows. In most canyons you have big waterfalls. Of this you can climb down with a rope. And sometimes you can jump into the water or sliding of the rocks. This year Japies girlfriend Vera go on holiday to Spain.

An instructor will tell upon arrival that the next day they go to Rio Vero canyon. This canyon is according to the old Spanish legends first time in 100 years to life. The next day exactly 100 years passed. An exciting day which follows the canyon Rio Vero really comes to life. Japie and Vera help the canyon by rescuing the animals that live in the canyon: the red ant family, Madam squirrel and a small vulture. They need to keep this secret well for the adults ...


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