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De 15 leukste canyons in Spanje

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De 15 leukste canyons in Spanje

 Children's book about canyoning (in Dutch)

This book contains drawings and descriptions of the 15 coolest canyons in Spain (Basender, Rio Vero, Gloces, Portiacha, Furco, Foz de la Canal, Chardal, Liri, Fornocal, Formiga, Mascarada, Barrosa, Gordo and Chico, Barbaruens, Lumos). It also includes interesting facts about canyoning, so you can learn about some canyoning techniques while reading. This version is written in Dutch

It is a book for children and thus does not contain detailed descriptions of canyons. You still need a guidebook to prepare the canyons.

It is a paperback book (A5 format) with color drawings.

About the author:

Gera E. Nagelhout is a scientific researcher by profession. In her spare time she likes to go canyoning with her husband Jaap. Gera and Jaap think canyoning is the best sport there is. Gera thinks it is a shame that she first came into contact with this sport when she was twenty. That is why she decided to write children's books about canyoning. In the first instance this was primarily intended for her little niece, who at the age of 3 already knew exactly what "acquaintances" is.

However, the adventures of "Canyoning with Japie" soon reached a larger audience through Japie's own Facebook page.


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