Pyrénées en cascades - The big verticals to canyoning

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Pyrénées en cascades - The big verticals to canyoning

 Author (s): Bruno Mateo - Rando ed - 2012
Language: French

This manual has chosen to focus, one of the wide variety of possible canyons that recall with considerable length. These are vertical and the corollaries (equipment, operations, Specific hazards) that command attention and set the tone described raids. Suffice it to say that these proposals require a good career field experience and the equipment used. A progression from general crescendo problems with altitude tracking, this canyoning be classified on the basis of standard lengths - 40 m, 50 m, 60 m, 80 m - strings to recall that in the trade. The length of the course is between 200 and 1300 m, the uneven lies roughly between 110 and 500 m, the longest return is 80 m and the maximum number of memories in a course is 18! This is to honor the mountains to know in their entirety, the criss-cross, know their nooks and crannies. But in this registry, our discipline is queen, and a new world is revealed ponds, waterfalls, chaos, close : that emotions and new sensations were pretty.
- 136 pages, 21 cm


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