Randonnées aquatiques - easy canyons in the Pyrenees

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Randonnées aquatiques - easy canyons in the Pyrenees

 Author (s): Bruno Mateo - Ed Rando - 2010
Language: French, English

Invented in the Pyrenees, the descent of canyons lends itself particularly well to these exercises are simple (it is not a dirty word), the Pleasant (forgotten concept), Contemplation. Contact with water, rocks, light, simple, intense and direct. The mountain is a world beyond the world Rebuffat Gaston said what about our own domain: gorges, waterfalls, bays and chaos? A world away from the world? Therefore, we have this guide as an invitation to discover or rediscover the Pyrenees through other paths, other sides, other errors. Penetrate the intimacy of the ravines and narrow oscuros strolling feet in the water, head in the sun, swimming, kick back and be satisfied with these simple pleasures. Snorkeling: without the use of memories accessible to anyone who can swim. Canyons simple: to bring ropes and harnesses, do not be afraid to jump. As a bonus, a few bonus: they simply assert a little more energy available ... In this world where "never the spectacle of nature on earth after he is so rare, was so poignant," can (P. Guignard.) time to drop some outdated values override and domination (other, of course. middle) to enjoy "the air that soothes and is dressed in a new light and beauty" (F. Luis de Leon), to emotions and share walks. - 134 pages 21 cm.


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