How does a Via Ferrata set work?

Via Ferrata Set (Absorber)
Nowadays almost all sets are in Y-shape and using a band that has been stitched together many times. In the event of a fall, the stitching will slowly tear loose, breaking the fall.

Shock absorption system
Black Diamond Easy Rider Via Ferrata set
Black Diamond Easy Rider Via Ferrata set

Via Ferrata set
Due to the possibly high fall factor, a shock absorption system is mandatory on a via ferrata, so that the impact of the impact is reduced in the event of a fall. If a system without a shock absorber is used to absorb a long fall, either the system or the wearer's back will break.

A shock absorption system is traditionally made by braiding a rope in a certain way so that it only slips under heavy load. The force developed by the fall is lost in the friction. In another system, a strap sling is stitched in such a way that it will tear under load. The force developed by the fall is lost in tearing through the stitching (not the webbing). A via ferrata set is attached to the belt using an anchor stitch or Delta maillon.
A via ferrata set only holds one fall.

Each via ferrata set, regardless of its shape, has two carabiners. However, its use varies:

  • Y-shape: The climber attaches to the cable with two carabiners. When she/he hits a hook that secures the cable to the rock, she/he first attaches one carabiner above the anchor point before transferring his second to re-hook with two carabiners.
  • V-shape: A climber attaches herself to the cable with one carabiner. Arriving at a hook, she will first attach her second carabiner above the hook before releasing the lower one. Important: the free carabiner must never be attached.

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