Are there wear-resistant knee pads?

 A Neoprene knee pad is made for normal adult thighs to wear mainly under the caving suit, over your undersuit. The adjustable version is for those who have thinner legs or want to apply halfway.

The protectors with Velcro are often used as outer protectors on the caving suit as they are one stroke thicker.

If you really want to use the protectors for rough cave work, the neoprene protectors are not the best choice. These are for cushioning so that the rough floor is not felt, just not wear-resistant for long use. When it really comes to crawling over long pieces or sharp rock, the Kevlar version is e.g. the Warmtex protectors, the most durable, wear-resistant variant for knee protectors.

For the protectors in the range see: Caving Gloves & Knee- and Elbow Pads.

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