How do you use a whistle in (emergency) situations?

 Sending out a sound of signals for communication in cases where there is no direct line of sight or when background noise prevents other communication.

the whistles must be made energetic and keep enough separation between them.

  • A whistle: indicates STOP.
    Stop the maneuver we're doing.
  • Two whistles: indicate LI-BRE.
    Free rope
  • Three whistles: Indicate DES-CEN-DER
    Needed to untie the rope for the abseiler that means lowering it into the base or member that is blocked.
  • Four whistles: indicates RE-CU-PE-RER.
    It is necessary to reel in the rope from above because of excess rope which can cause problems at the end of the abseil.

Depending on the activities, other and/or additional arrangements can be made within the group.
It is always important that there are clear agreements before the activity is started.

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