Which gloves to use in wet and cold (work) environments?

 Canyonzone has neoprene gloves and Wonder Grip work gloves in its range.

The WonderGrip thermo Plus gloves are in my opinion wonderfully warm gloves and better suited for canyoning and caving than neoprene, as long as the size fits your hands well.
We have found these gloves after extensive search and testing, as neoprene gloves are quite a bit more expensive and there are complaints about the wear from time to time.
The Wonder Grip gloves are a whole lot cheaper where you can buy 3-4 pairs for the price of a pair of neoprene gloves. Keeping in mind that gloves are really a consumable as your rope runs through them when rappelling, you should assume that gloves don't last forever and the wear and tear depends very much on the user and the rope used.

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