Shipping costs: all costs together to make a shipment.

Postage costs

Actually, it should not be called shipping costs, but delivery costs or handling costs. The costs for shipping, costs that we in turn pay to the carrier, are only part of the "shipping costs".

Goods must be put in, unloaded and stored, packed in a box(es). This takes time and may involve the use of filler material. This entails labor and material costs. Costs that are actually higher than the rates charged by us.

We are regularly asked why the same shipping costs are charged for a single low-priced item as for several higher-priced items. The answer is simple: because the total costs are also almost the same for us.

Efficient and environmentally conscious

We try to ship all orders as efficiently and environmentally conscious as possible. If possible, we do not use a box that is too large and as little filling material as possible.

Is shipping as letterbox package possible? Then we opt for this, with the added advantage for you that you do not have to be at home when the delivery person comes.

For the shipping rates see: shipping-and-pickup


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