What are entry level affordable canyoning harness?

A few entry level affordable canyoning harnesses are:
- Beal Hydro Team harness
- AV Fast Canyon harness
- Petzl Canyon Club harness

This are basic harnesses, that is just by beginner canyoneers and for use as group harness for commercial guiding. When you gonna use it without a wetsuit on (for dry canyons or technique training) I can recommend to add the Petzl Comfort Foam to the harness to make it much more comfy to use on just wearin a short and tshirt. And another point to think about is that these 3 harnesses are having just one gear loop on one side of the harness. For commercial use this is more then enough. If you gonna canyoning yourself it can be annoying. So I can recommend to buy a second gear loop to add to your harness, like the Petzl Equipment Holder or AV Porte Matos.
Let me know when you have further questions.

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