What is the difference between the Seland ESCALO and Seland BIDET canyoningsuit?

 The difference between the cheaper Escalo and the Bitet wetsuit is how they are build.
The Escalo is a wetsuit that is most used for group use by guiding companies and for canyoneers that do not go often in a canyon (max 1 week a year). It is much more simple wetsuit build from 1 thickness neoprene all over the wetsuit, 5mm.
The Bitet is much more flexibel to use. It has different thickness neoprene, especially on the moving parts as knees and armpits is thinner more stretchy neoprene used to have more flexibility and less fast tired in movement with the neoprene. The Bitet long john is also on the inside with extra insulation so that you keep it warmer. The jacket has some pockets on the chest and arm to carry items like a camera, knife and whistle with you.
The Escalo model doesn't have that and is really a basic wetsuit.
The Escalo is for customers who not many times a year go to the canyon.
The Bitet is for canyoneers that go a lot into a canyon and developed for guides who go canyoning a few months long every day.

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