When do you use a Canyoning Dry suit?

 Drysuits are for canyoning and rafting mainly for the colder wet conditions that they are used, in other words in the fall, winter and early spring. Not all drysuits are suitable for canyoning. This is mainly because the freedom of movement is very important for use in the canyons and also the abrasion resistance of a number of places (knees, elbows mainly). Standard drysuits can severely limit this. See CanyonZone / Canyoning Drysuit / Undersuit.

I can't recommend a drysuit to use in the summer. Instead of not getting cold, you will overheat in the dry suit. For the summer if you want to go through the canyon quickly on an adventure racing method, it is best to use a one-piece wetsuit (see for example the Seland Infierno) that is normally built 3-4. That is, 3mm neoprene on the arms and legs and 4mm on the torso. This way you have optimal freedom of movement and yet the necessary insulation to quickly go through the canyon.
To find a canyon suit that suits you, consult CanyonZone / Knowledge Base / Canyoning: How to choose a good canyoning wetsuit / canyoning suit?

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