What is kit bag?

In a cave it is difficult, or even impossible, to transport your equipment in a backpack as it gets in the way far too much and gets stuck behind everything. A kit bag, on the other hand, is designed to be dragged, pushed or hoisted and is therefore ideal for transporting your materials through the cave. A distinction is made between 'normal' caving bags and canyoning bags. A caynoning bag is designed in such a way that water drains out quickly, to prevent you from having to carry kilos of water at a certain point. In contrast, water remains in the caving bags for a long time.

For background information see below.

Backpack, knapsack, small model head bag

ANW 2018: (mainly) in Belgium

(obsolete) cylindrical, waterproof travel bag that was closed with a drawstring; was usually used by soldiers, sailors and dockers, the bag was usually slung over the shoulder but “kop” indicates that the bag was also pulled over the head to free the hands.


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