How do I break in my shoes properly?

 You probably know the feeling of new canyon shoes or caving boots/shoes that you have bought, but that are not yet comfortable. It always leads to frustration, because when trying on they were so comfortable, while you have not yet walked on these shoes for a day and feel irritation everywhere.
However, patience is a virtue. Because after having walked on the shoes a few times, they suddenly fit perfectly. You have been able to get used to the shoes and they are now broken in.
If you are going to do outdoor activities, such as canyoning, caving, via ferrata or mountain hiking, good and correct shoes are important. Walking for hours on end is impossible if one of the feet has suffered a painful blister. Before you start doing the activities, it is nice to know that your shoes fit well and that it does not cause any irritation.
To be sure of this, it is also a good idea to break in with "sports" shoes.

Is it necessary to break in Canyon Caving shoes?

Modern outdoor/sports shoes do not have the problems of before. Today's shoes consist of a construction and material that is well matched for problem-free walking comfort.
So compared to the shoes of the past, breaking in is less necessary than it used to be.
But one foot is not the other foot. Feet always have to get used to the shoes. And the shoes should always adapt to the foot. Otherwise the foot cannot get used to it.
If you can break in the shoes, we absolutely recommend that. That way you can be sure that your feet and shoes are on good terms during an activity that involves a lot of walking.

How do you break in Canyon Caving shoes?

Let's just say you have to be mindful of the shoes you buy. Because you can break in shoes, but if the shoes don't fit your feet at all, then "breaking in" has no effect. See also FAQ: What should you pay attention to when choosing a canyoning shoe?
Shoes are products that you have to feel. You need to know how the shoes feel and whether they fit with your feet.
If it doesn't feel right, try another size or brand. At CanyonZone you can always exchange unused shoes for another pair.
But even with shoes that feel good right away, breaking in can be important.
There are a few tips on how best to do that.

Walk through the house with your new shoes

Are you home for a day? Then put on your new shoes!
Breaking in your shoes at home has 2 advantages:

  • You can easily exchange them in the store if it turns out that they don't fit well. If you first walk in the shoes indoors, they will not get dirty, so that it is no problem for the store to receive the shoes back.
  • And also not unimportant: if the shoes bother you, you can easily take them off and put on other shoes.

Did they like it?

Have you walked around with them at home for 2 or 3 days and do you like them? Then you can look for the fresh air and cover more distances.
Deep down you already know at this stage whether things are going to turn out well or not, but sometimes it's better to be on the safe side.
You have to build it up, because the shoe has to adapt to the shape of your foot.

Are you in a hurry?

Are you about to leave and do you want to quickly break in the shoes beforehand? Then you can use a quick method. Wet the shoes and then run them dry. Please note, however: shoes with a soft inner lining can be damaged!

Give your shoes the desired maintenance

Impregnate your shoes before departure so that they repel water and dirt and remain flexible. As a result, the shoe will always follow the shape of your foot, so that no painful discomforts arise. You can impregnate shoes with a spray or a cream.
After use, the smell of your shoes is often not pleasant. Fragrant and moisture-absorbing shoe deodorizers are a godsend.

Use the right socks

Neoprene socks contribute a lot to the walking comfort of the canyon shoes. By putting on socks, the foot is well in the shoe.
Good socks are not too loose, but not too tight either. With caving socks, they are neither too warm nor too cold. Often you need sweat-permeable socks (not made of cotton).

Stretching outdoor sports shoes

Are the shoes still not comfortable after buying them for a while?
Then you can choose to stretch the shoes. Shoemakers know exactly how to stretch and shape leather shoes.
See this as a last solution to sit comfortably in your shoes. You run a risk, especially if you want to stretch plastic shoes. The glue or material of the shoes may tear.

Aim for the yes effect

  • Really, breaking in shoes is important. If you have just bought new shoes and are not experiencing optimal comfort, it is often a matter of patience. The shoes must adapt to the foot, so that the foot can eventually get used to the shoe.
  • It is a shame to invest a lot of money in shoes that only cause you painful discomfort. This can also affect the wonderful outdoor sports experience you want to create.
  • Aim for the shoes where, when you try them on, you immediately get the feeling: “Yes, these are them!”. Because often you already know the moment you put on the shoes.

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