What is suitable undergarments for canyoning and/or caving?

When do you wear thermal clothing for canyoning and caving?

 Thermal clothing is another name for thermal underwear
Thermal clothing is invaluable if you are going to do activities in cold or warm weather conditions. You must be able to see the value of this clothing (if you are still in doubt about this). It is wise to wear thermal clothing when it is around ten degrees above zero. When you stand still you cool down quickly and you can otherwise suffer from hypothermia.

It is up to you whether and which thermal clothing you will use.

What is thermal clothing?

You always wear thermal clothing directly on the skin. This strengthens the function of thermal clothing. If you start wearing layers under the thermal clothing, it completely loses its function.
Under warm weather conditions, thermal clothing provides cooling and under cold weather conditions you stay nice and warm with thermal clothing. Thermal clothing consists of merino wool or synthetic material.

What is thermal clothing made of?

Thermal clothing is made of different materials, mostly plastic is used. Plastics such as polyester absorb little moisture and are extremely suitable for dissipating sweat to the outside.
Sometimes polyester is combined with polyamide, a similar plastic. Polyamide is slightly stronger and more dimensionally stable than polyester, but also very elastic. Another plastic that is often added is elastane, which provides stretch.
Some brands choose to process merino wool in thermal underwear. Merino wool, like polyester, is very suitable for thermal clothing. The material insulates, breathes and does not itch. Another great advantage of merino wool is that it is odorless, making it perfect for longer trips where you can't take too much clothes with you.

How does thermal clothing work for canyoning and caving?

Just to be clear: thermal clothing only works if you move. So you don't immediately get warm when you put on thermal clothing. It only starts working once you start moving.
You get the most out of thermal clothing if you let your body do the work. Moving around will make you warm. And because of the heat that your body gives off, the thermal clothing can do its job.
But what is the biggest advantage of thermal clothing? Compared to other clothing, thermal clothing retains heat, but does transport moisture (i.e. sweat). So you won't get a wet back and you want to avoid that if you want to stay nice and warm.

Is all thermal clothing the same?

No. It really depends on what activity you are going to do.
The thicker the thermal clothing and the more active the activity, the warmer you get.

Do I only wear thermal clothing?

You can put on different layers, but you should always keep in mind that the thermal clothing is worn against the skin. On top of that you can wear your canyoning or caving suit.

You can take the 3-layer system into account here.

The 3 layer system for clothing
The 3 layer system consists of, yes.. it's really true: 3 layers, namely:

  • The bottom layer
  • The Intermediate Layer
  • And the outer layer

The bottom layer

The bottom layer is the layer where you wear thermal clothing. This layer ensures sweat wicking, keeping the skin nice and dry.
There is thermal underwear suitable for the winter, but also for the summer. Most thermal clothing can be used in both situations, but there is also thermal underwear especially for cold or warm weather.

The Intermediate Layer

The sweat wicking of the bottom layer is further removed by the intermediate layer. In addition, the intermediate layer serves as a kind of insulation. Clothing that can be worn in the middle layer is a sports shirt or fleece.

The outer layer

Are you still cold or do you want to protect yourself against certain weather conditions? Then you can put on a 3rd layer, the outer layer. Think of this layer as a canyon wetsuit or caving suit that protects in the cold.

Does CanyonZone recommend thermal clothing for canyoning and caving?

Yes absolutely! Thermal clothing is indispensable for various activities! For questions feel free to contact us.

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