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Kong Hydrobot

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Kong Hydrobot


Hydrobot is a special tool conceived for modern canyoning; it can be used both with one or two ropes and allows easy braking variation under load.
Compared to other models, Hydrobot helps prevent accidental loss, avoids rope twisting and avoids wear on the connector.
The characteristic which makes Hydrobot unique is the possibility to use it as an auto-locking device in case of emergency, ascending on one or two ropes (in conjunction with a Prusik knot).
The possibility of overturning the central bar (fixed by a screw) allows use by left-handers.
Hydrobot is the only descending device fitted with a magnet to retain the mobile bar!


  • Certification: EN 15151-2
  • Material: Alu alloy
  • Weight: 170 g
  • Color black
  • Main dimension: 142mm
  • Minimum cable diameter: 5 mm
  • Maximum cable diameter:12 mm


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