Kop de Gas Rivet Hanger Cr-Mo

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Kop de Gas Rivet Hanger Cr-Mo

 Recoverable Rivet Hanger

Retrievable plates for awl heads, "rivets" and screws measuring 8 to 10 mm, essential in many classic climbs.

  • Weight: 12 grams.
  • Thickness: 2 mm.
  • WLL: 12 kN


At Kop de Gas they make the quality of their products the central axis of their raison d'être, thanks to the use of the best materials and environmentally friendly industrial processes.


They are active climbers and this allows them to imagine, study and make improvements to many of the products they make. They test the prototypes on the walls to be able to add features to their products that make them unique.


Everything that is manufactured at Kop de Gas is manufactured in the country Spain, with Spanish suppliers and industrialists. Because the local product not only favors the reduction of CO2 emissions in the atmosphere, but also stimulates the local economy, and that benefits us all.


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