Vertical Evolution Anchor plate ALL Ø10mm double ring – Stainless steel 316L VE058

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Vertical Evolution Anchor plate ALL Ø10mm double ring – Stainless steel 316L VE058

The Vertical Evolution ALL hanger with double rappel ring is a really great thing. 

I.e. here you have a lot of flexibility for retrofitting existing deflector chain stands. In addition, the double rings can also be used for other areas of application. For example, for slacklines and for the suspension of permanently and slightly rotating loads.

  • Features double rappel ring
  • Manufacturer: Vertical Evolution
  • Material: AISI 316L steel
  • Shape: round
  • Material diameter: 10mm
  • Inner diameter of the rings: 32mm each
  • Welding method: TIG
  • Breaking load: 23kN
  • Double abseil ring - for "tricky" abseiling points

This ring duo is perfect for "tricky" abseiling points. I.e. all those abseiling routes where ropes tend to be difficult to pull off. Such as when the idler chain stand is on a band.

The double rings then ensure significantly less friction than a single ring. In addition, the lower ring is usually at 90° to the rock or completely free in the air.

Select the appropriate rapid link

  • The double rappel ring is made of AISI 316L stainless steel. Consequently, you also need rapid links made of stainless steel for the assembly. Otherwise there will be "galvanic corrosion".
  • Double rappel ring - no significant abrasion
  • Rings have some advantages over rapid links. First, they are usually thicker at 10mm. Second, they are round. This means they rotate constantly and cannot be rubbed off at a single point.
  • Third, double rings offer a high degree of freedom of movement. or in other words. The rings are movable within each other, which allows the lower ring to align itself ideally when the rope is pulled off. As a result, there is less friction and you can pull the rope much faster!

Carefully manufactured and tested

  • The VE double abseil ring is carefully manufactured in the Dolomites and individually tested.
  • The TIG process is used by a certified welder. This means that only equivalent stainless steel material is used.
  • The rings have also been tested in-house at 23kN.



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