Professione Canyon - ELI Kit 15

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Professione Canyon - ELI Kit 15

 A new tool for helicopter rescue and mountain rescue professionals

The new rope bag for helicopter rescue and mountain rescue.

Safety and effectiveness in rope management, Eli-Kit 15 , is the only one that allows you to always have the two rope ends and the half rope available at the same time, without sacrificing the speed and convenience of single-rope bagging.

Speed ​​and Order in the most varied management situations of the health team or companions

It is in an emergency that the effectiveness of a product is evaluated!

Eli-Kit 15 is the only rope bag which, in the event of the formation of twisting of the rope, such as to prevent the normal unthreading of the rope itself, allows the problem to be solved in a quick and orderly way. The double front velcro allows you to open and close the bag in no time

  • It stays open by itself, whether it is hanging or resting on the ground
  • It remains standing without needing to be supported
  • Simple and effective closure
  • It is customizable, with your organization's logo and your name


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