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 The best solution to make your rotary hammer "watertight" is to use TEBYLON – SHEATH.
TEBYLON – SHEATH is made for using cordless rotary hammer drill in wet environment.
It keeps your hammer drill working when you are in a shower of the rain or waterfall.
And it can be submerged temporarily. That could be an advantage when you need to swim to reach the top of a drop.
It is applicable for canyoning, caving, construction (in rainy days), tunneling, underground construction.
But not for underwater using, although SHEATH can resist water for 30 minutes underwater 1 meter in depth. But actually a dry bag would leak before SHEATH leaks.

 Customers can choose to buy SHEATH with or without SHEATH_BAG. This product is the SHEAT_SET

When the dry bag got damaged, it’s easy and more affordable to replace only the dry bag.

3 steps to buy your TEBYLON SHEATH_SET

  • Step 1. You need to measure these 3 dimensions of your hammer drill to know if it's suitable for your drill (see picture). Then you can determine which size of the core packing rings should be used. One core packing ring will be included in your package.
  • Step 2. Choose the color of your SHEATH from black and grey.
  • Step 3. Choose the color of your SHEATH_BAG from black / red / yellow / army green.

SHEATH refers only to the ABS parts of these products.
SHEATH_BAG refers to the PVC dry bag part.

There are 4 sizes of core packing rings available for the TEBYLON SHEATH.
Choose correct one according to the diameter of the c. of your hammer drill.
There will be one core packing ring packed with your SHEATH.
You can buy more core packing rings of different sizes if you need.

At the moment only the GREY SHEATH available - BLACK is back available in 6-8 weeks


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