Wild Country Superlight Offset Rocks 5-10

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Wild Country Superlight Offset Rocks 5-10

 Subtle, superlight and secure, Superlight Offset Rocks are by far the lightest passive pro per size in the world.

Less is more. Subtle, superlight and secure, Superlight Offset Rocks are by far the lightest passive pro per size in the world. Simple, yet incredibly effective, they combine the proven curve of Rocks with a radical side taper that adds a new dimension to protection. Intuitive and easy to place, they’re perfect for trimming a rack without cutting down options. An instant classic, and a big hit with our testers, all that’s missing from these slimline superstars is weight.

Nuts don't get any lighter. They live up to their name with a nearly 45 percent weight savings compared to their close cousins, Rocks on a Wire. Superlight Rocks save weight by having a single cable instead of the nearly universal swaged loop. They also have a more slender nut but maintain longer length in the head, providing more surface area and superior holding power. Superlight Rocks fit exceptionally well into tiny pin scars. While Superlight sides are heavily tapered side-to-side for flaring placements, they share the same shape front-to-back as the WC Rocks on a Wire. This gives two distinctly different nut shapes in one lightweight nut.

If you want to double up on the sizes you use most, Wild Country Superlight Rocks are a serious contender. These little guys take up little room on your rack. Plus you will benefit from their two diverse placement options. Because they only come in six sizes they are meant to be an addition to your rack rather than a stand-alone set. They are among the most versatile nuts we tested. On their side-to-side axis they excelled in flares and pin scars while on their front-to-back axis (the same shape as Rocks on a Wire) they fit smooth parallel sided cracks. They are among the least durable, making them not as attractive to climbers new to traditional climbing. But most experienced climbers will appreciate what they have to offer.


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