Swaygo Rope Trap

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Swaygo Rope Trap

 The Rope Trap’s biaxial braid traps the end of a rope. The harder you pull, the tighter it grips.

The Rope Trap is not a load bearing device. It will not support body weight. Not for climbing.

In three sizes available

  • Small (5-9mm diameter),
  • Regular (9-12mm diameter),
  • Large (12-16mm diameter)

How to Use:

Fully insert rope into the end of the Rope Trap. Smooth down. Tie haul cord to Rope Trap loop. Pull the rope up. Keep some tension on both lines. Untie haul cord. Simply and easily push the opening off the rope.

The Rope Trap (RT) is a simple device that adds a low-profile, snag-free attachment point to the end of a rope. The RT swallows the end of a rope and grips/clamps to it when pulled. It works like a Chinese finger trap. The harder you try to pull it off, the tighter it grips. You can use it to pull a rope thru a pulley with a smaller cord. Arborist will love how easily a rope will slip over a tree branch or through a crotch. The RT can be removed from the end of the rope by pushing the opening off the rope. It slides off effortlessly.


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