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 Canyon.REVOLUTION is a real evolution, the fruit of our experience and our unbridled quest for innovation by Professione Canyon

Now available - only with Orange spank protector

Optimized in terms of comfort and performance, this harness is designed for the most demanding canyoneers, guides and rescue operators.

The rear waistband has been further improved, and is made of an HT polyester web, specifically designed 130 mm wide for optimal distribution of the load on the lower back.

The adjustment system for the waistbelt and leg loop straps is unchanged, and uses double-back buckles that work in opposition to one another and allow for fast, precise and stable harness sizing.

Another important novelty regards the leg loops, that are drop-shaped to allow for improved range of motion.

The innovative heart of this harness is constituted by the two central tie-in rings. These are gated, made of a light aluminium alloy, and connect the harness webbing in two points, are both certified 15 kN, in compliance with EN 12277:2015 + A1:2018 regulations. The Allen key for the tie-in rings is not supplied as standard by the Professione Canyon brand. You can take care of this yourself.

The upper tie-in point is the same length as on the Canyon.Zero model, leaving the left-right range of motion of the descender unvaried. The lower tie-in point, made of fabric webbing, is the lowest positioned in this class of harness, thus optimizing the positioning of the chest ascender and the safety lanyard.

Why two rings?

  • The waistband-leg loop connection straps are not fixed, and are therefore free to slide and reposition based on the ergonomics and the movements of the user during both horizontal and vertical progression through the canyon.
  • In case of a fall from above, the two tie-in points, being mobile, will position themselves automatically based on the natural direction that the braking force exerts on the harness system. Thanks to the mobility of the tie-in point/waistband/leg loop system, the braking force will impact the user’s body in the best way possible.
  • As the two rings are gated and can be opened, in case of wear or tears, the two tie-in points and the belt and leg loop webbing may all be replaced directly by the user, by purchasing specific spare parts and without having to dispose of the entire harness or having to send it back to the manufacturer for parts replacement.
  • The two tie-in points are protected by a tubular web made of HT polyester, which may also be removed and replaced as required, directly by the user.
  • The chest ascender and the lanyard may be connected directly onto the lower tie-in point, with or without any accessories.

A self-braking device, either sling-based or mechanical, may be positioned on one of the two rings.  Canyon Revolution is the only harness currently on the market that provides for the use of a safety self-braking device, as mentioned above, in the certification data sheet.

The protective seat is made of an innovative 6.6 HT polyamide material, coated in polyurethane and produced WITHOUT the use of solvents. Moving the Velcro up or down allows adapting the protective seat to the body of the user, reducing any uncomfortable excess material at the sides, also reducing the resulting risk of it getting caught somewhere.

A small eyelet has been created the Velcro sewn onto the waistband, to insert the small hex key needed to open the rings, should you want to carry it with you. Once inserted in the eyelet, the key is blocked by the Velcro on the seat.

The gear loops are removable and may be easily positioned in three different configurations, based on the size and habits of the user.

The two bronze rings on the sides of the harness may be used to hang the pack/kit boule while abseiling or to carry the descender (when not in use) while walking.


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