MTDE Amazonia v2 caving harness

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MTDE Amazonia 2  caving harness

 This harness has two major advantages: maximum lowering of the delta link and a seat surface that dominates all caving harnesses on the market, with its 44 mm straps. In order to avoid any discomfort, it must be adjusted carefully.

The Amazonia integrates with the Garma chest harness to make an effective set up for rigging, climbing, and general SRT intensive trips. A very nice harness for those wanting a bit more support on rope. Of the three MTDE bum-strap pls leg loop harnesses, it is possibly the best suited to narrow and gnarly caves, because it is quite low profile and tends to sit in place when worn, so it is less likely to catch up on projections.


  • All specially protected by removable tubular PVC reinforcements.
  • It has a very low attachment point.
  • Attachment: 2 loops strap.
  • Belt: adjustable support 44 mm.
  • Thighs and seat strap: adjustable support 44 mm.
  • Accessory/gear holder:  4 - 3 fixed, in mixed dyneema / polyamide strap with safety seams, 1 mobile with polyethylene loop
  • Colours: blue / black.
  • Size: One universal size.
  • Maximum waist circumference: 112 cm.
  • Weight: 845 g.


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