Exotac CandleTIN Large Slow Burn

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Exotac CandleTIN Large Slow Burn

 Exotac CandleTIN Large Slow Burn - The Large Slow Burn is a 100% bee wax candle with 3 wicks and a burning time of up to 30 hours. This candle generates longer light and heat than standard candles. Light one wick for maximum efficiency or light all three wicks for maximum warmth and light.

The CandleTin must not be missing in the survival or emergency kit. Perfect for drying as a fire starter or tinder, and for generating light and heat. CandleTINs come in a reusable tin with a screw-top lid. If the candle is burned out, you can for example use the can to store your dried tinder.

Beeswax is the cleanest wax you can burn, burns cleaner, offers brighter light and lasts longer. Free from petroleum products, this offers a safe and sustainable alternative to cheap candles. The CandleTin ™ series offers the most versatile natural wax candles on the market. With three wicks in each candle, two different wick burn rates and two tin sizes, these candles can be a long-lasting light source or a powerhouse of heat.

Size 7.5 cm x 4.7 cm
Weight 156 g


 1 Wick3 Wicks
Small slow-burn12Hr4Hr
Large slow-burn30Hr10Hr
Small hot-burn6Hr1Hr
Large hot-burn16Hr2Hr


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