Raumer HANG FIX inox M10C (10x66mm)

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Raumer HANG FIX inox M10C (10x66mm)

 HANG FIX Stainless Steel Bolt M10C – Ø10x66 expansion bolt

  • Stainless steel AISI 316L bolt, ideal for use in climbing and mountaineering anchors.
  • Requires hard compact rock (limestone, granite, dolomite).

New type

  • The expanding collar is a new design and has greatly improved on the previous version.
  • The design phase focused on creating a technology which ensures expansion on an increased number of surfaces.
  • Our tests show that this objective has been achieved.
  • Attention: On particularly soft rocks (such as sandstone) all expansion bolts - including our own - are not recommended due to the unreliable nature of the supporting material.
  • In these circumstances we recommend the use of fixed resin anchors (epoxy glue resin) or Multi-Monti screw anchors.
  • Very popular in the creation of ground-up routes.
  • Short type (M10x66) with one expanding collar (new type).

Technical Specifications

  • The material used in the majority of our anchors is now stainless steel AISI 316L, which offers a higher resistance to marine corrosion than the former AISI 304.
  • To highlight this change each article is stamped with the relevant symbols.
  • However, certain bolts have not been branded as once in place, the symbols would be invisible.
  • Instead, a small circular collar has been added (see photo above) to mark the difference between the two metals.
  • This allows verification of the type of bolt used at any time.
  • There is also a “Marina” version of this anchor which is highly resistant to saline corrosion.
  • To mark the difference between stainless steel AISI 316L and the marina version of the same material, all marine-suitable anchors have been marked with a fish symbol and the initials “INOX".
  • Note: As mentioned above, this branding is not used on bolts.
  • In order to differentiate the marine version, as well as the afore-mentioned collar there is a small engraved dimple which allows for accurate identification once the bolt is in place (See photo above). 
  • We recommend reading the attached PDF document for a detailed explanation of the problems presented by marine corrosion.
  • MARINA version: Art. 156M - available on demand


  • Extraction R = 26 KN
  • Radial R = 29 KN
  • Weight = 49 g


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