Eldorado Ticino - 2nd print

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Eldorado Ticino - 2nd print 

 The second print of this canyoning bible for Tessin - Ticino

Authors: Anna Luca et Nizzola
Language: English

This beautiful book, with a finish to say to you, describes the 60 most beautiful canyons in Ticino. This region in the south of Switzerland, close to Italy, has long been known for its beautiful canyons with crystal clear water, carved in granite.

The book has 416 pages and contains an index where you can select the canyons you want separators, according to the specific characteristics (long / short, technical / sporting / easy canyons, much / little water, grands verticales / for the whole family, recommended by professionals, with easy access by car, with the best views ...).

Also you can in this book a list of related activities and utilities (camping, restaurants ...) retrieval.

The authors then discuss the canyons, with descriptions of 60 runs, mostly decorated with beautiful large pictures. For each canyon is a summary of the characteristics (difficult grade, length, height, duration of descent, altitude of the highest point, the ideal time ...), a brief description, details and dangers of the canyon (including phone numbers hydroelectric dams), a schematic cross section of the canyon, the description of the access route by car and marche d`approche, a topographic map (1/25000), and usually one or more pictures of checkpoints, making a estimation of the water can be done before descending.

Written by the couple Anna and Luca Nizzola that wonderful work carried out by the canyons of this exceptional region in a (long-awaited) book to pour. You can already start dreaming of these canyons, admiring the many pictures and prepare effectively for your canyon trips. All necessary information has been collected in this book.

The best collection of all known and unknown Ticino canyons in one book written by local experts

More than 100 routes:

  • 60 with a description, map, topography, checkpoint and a lot of beautiful pictures,
  • A list of 42 for the adventure lovers (canyons still not equipped or wild canyons far away from the main roads).
  • 10 Menus to help people choose the best canyons, depending on their needs and capabilities.
  • Menus to people choosing the best restaurant to help the best accommodation.
  • A list of special highlights and events in Ticino.
  • Emergency calls.
  • ... And many more.

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