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Rodcle Ala ad-Din VE

 It is an innovative and at the same time practical and simple product that will facilitate our work and facilitate the cleanliness and cleanliness of our "bag". Actually, it is a kind of magic carpet that helps us in two very common situations, on the one hand, it helps us to switch over and on the other hand, it enables us to take the shoes and the backpack up with the suit pulling wet and often stuck with mud or sand, we can fold it on itself and transport it as if it were a bag that prevents water, mud or sand from escaping onto the material and pollinating our car, community ladder or the ground itself or stained from our house.
It has multiple uses, both in diving, speleo, canyoning and others.
NOTE: It can not be used to store wet material, it is only intended to transport it. The material should never be kept wet, which causes problems of degradation of the material and hygiene that may affect us. Always after each use, we must disinfect and dry well to keep it in good condition and ready for a subsequent use.
Description series Photos:
Step 1. We deposit the material in the middle of Ala ad-Din with the image shown, the boots are parallel to one side. (You can leave the back of the backpack shoulder so that they protrude outside Ala-ad-Din after closing, allowing you to transport the set later backwards)
Step 2. We fold the two long sides over the middle between the two clicks it has and adjust the tires so that they are tight against the material.
Step 3. We fold the two short sides over the middle of the available snap closure and fit the tape so that it fits well with the material.
Step 4. We can transport the set of the two available handles to the sides or if the distance is very long at the back as indicated in step 1. Upon arrival, you can remove the decanted water at the bottom by one of the four corners and tilt it in that direction without actually opening one of the Clic closures.




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