Rodcle Cordyneema 50 meter

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Rodcle Cordyneema 50 meter

Cordyneema is a very technical auxiliary cord 3.8mm in diameter .

 Dyneema core cord and nylon 6.6 jacket, much better than a standard nylon cord, diameter 3.8 mm.

It has a much higher resistance than that of a conventional nylon polyamide cord for an identical diameter.

Cordyneema lacks elasticity, therefore, it is particularly suitable for use in the rope recovery technique called "Cord". It can also be used as a pull cord.

Use: technical cord or retraction rope / pull cord.

Warning: Never use as a progression or safety rope or to suspend people from it.

Technical characteristics of the Cordyneema 100 cord from Rodcle

  • Dyneema core cord and nylon polyamide sheath
  • Resistance 660 kg
  • Diameter 3.8 mm
  • Use: cord technique or pulling rope ...

Coil 50 m.





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