Rodcle Porte Piolet

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Rodcle Porte Piolet

It is a studied removable system designed by Rodcle with which we can occasionally attach the ice ax to the canyon backpack without leaving any trace in the backpack itself if we do not have to carry the ice ax.

In order to use this system, the backpack must be equipped with the mounting hole system, which consists of strategically placed holes with which Porte-Piolet can be used.

1º Place the blue end of Porte-Piolet and the plastic rectangle attached to the red cord through the provided metal hole, always from the outside to the inside of the backpack.
2º Pull out and place the plastic rectangle on the red wire that blocks the exit through the hole, and then press the first outer brake to bring it closer to the outside of the hole. So that Porte-Piolet is firmly attached to the backpack.
3º Put the ice ax on the inside of the elastic bands of Porte-Piolet and place the second brake against the ice ax so that it is firmly attached to the backpack.

1 ° Loosen the brake with which the ice ax is attached, bring it to the end where the red ball is and take out the ice ax.
2º Release the second brake that puts Porte-Piolet on the backpack and bring it to the end next to the previous one.
3º Insert the Porte-Piolet backpack and pull out the red wire and remove the entire device.

It is sold in a set of the two units needed to carry a single ice ax.


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