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Exped Chasm 40

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Exped Chasm 40

 The sequel to the Chasm 40 - the most durable canyon bag available!

 This bag is developed from the Austrian Canyoning Associaton, the ACA. They write the following about these new canyonbags: "For many years, the canyon sport has inspired us professionally and privately. With our many years of experience in sport, we have together with Exped designed a canyoning backpack that will be available from spring 2018. our travels in Europe, we were able to test the backpack very well and give the most important features. "

  • The exterior is made of a very sturdy and durable vinyl 1000D nylon. The heavy duty fabric allows the backpack to stand independently so that the rope can be seized without problems.
  • Striking is the orange band material that is visible even in the white water or in dark canyons.
  • At the outside and bottom, 38 stainless steel 16mm eyes provide fast water drainage.
  • The bottom is heavily reinforced and provided with additional reinforcement by means of a belt material.
  • Even with heavy loads and long climbs, the wide anatomically shaped shoulder straps provide a comfortable fit.
  • The wide, strong waist belt is filled in the back area. It can be used as an extra support and can be stored quickly to save space again.
  • The shoulder straps are attached with firm side seal on the backpack bottom and can be opened at any time in case of danger. The excess belt strap can be stored by means of Velcro strap.
  • A large handle is on the back and 2 at the front of the bag
  • To attach the bag to your belt or to the place, a 25cm long sling is sewn in the back of the bag (not included in the carabiner).
  • The bag is fitted with 4 stable D-rings on the upper edge of the bag for the construction of a floating anchor. This can also serve as a rope attachment (not included anchor loops).
  • The tight lid compartment has 2 buckles and the belts can be adjusted in length (possibly even to transport the neoprene suit)
  • For storage of slinges, cords, cards, gloves, etc. there is a mesh bag with zipper inside the backpack lid.
  • For heavier materials such as clamps, pulleys, carabiners, etc., there is another material box of yellow tarpaulin material that is closed with Velcro. There are 2 plastic D-rings in the box for mounting the materials. And 3 small eyes for water drainage.
  • An intermediate compartment with a foam pad in the back can be used for extra stability and a better fit.
  • For the rope fastening inside, there are 2 loops and a sturdy D-ring.
  • The backpack has an optimal size. So he has little contact surface in aquatic tours, has enough space for a 6.4l waterproofing tonnage, a 70m rope and emergency equipment (such as climbing clamp, Mini Traxion and slinges).


  • Name: Chasm 40
  • Outer material: 1000D Nylon
  • Eyes: 38 pcs 16mm Nirosta eyes
  • Tire: Polyamide weave band
  • Inner bag: An inner bag with Velcro closure and 3 small eyes. An inner bag with zipper
  • Color: Exterior: blue / orange / black. Inside: gray / yellow
  • Buckles: Plastic and Aluminum
  • D-ring: 7 pieces (5x stainless steel, 2x plastic)
  • Dimensions: 63 x 35 x 26cm
  • Weight: 2300 gr


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