BlueWater Ropes 8mm VT Prusik Black

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BWR 8mm VT Prusik Black

 BlueWaterRope VT Prusik. This special design features as follows: super tough, heat resistant. Technora aramid shell with durable nylon core. The core of this core mantle design keeps the VT in shape. A computer-controlled large sewing machine is used to make a devil's strong sting with the Custom Technora thread. This wire / stitch combination provides superior strength and overall durability. Manufactured in the United States of domestic and worldwide raw materials.
The VT Prusik is a very versatile open-end Prusik.

Use it to conect:

  • symmetrical Prusik
  • Asymmetric Prusik (Swabian / Distal)
  • Valdotain Tresse
  • French Prusik

The VT performs well when used for climbing, self-assurance during abseiling, as a climbing clamp or in combination with a Prusik pulley in hoisting systems.


  • Designed for Host Rope Diameters: ≥ 9mm
  • Overall Length: 31″ (79cm)
  • MBS End to End: 20 kN (4,400 lbf)
  • MBS Basket: 29.5 kN (6,500 lbf)
  • Color: Black


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