Rodcle Trasgu undersuit

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Rodcle Trasgu undersuit

 High quality suits made of elastic 360º stretch fabric. Trasgu maintains the traditional quality of its fabric due to its wide range of thermal adjustment and high properties, but now includes improvements in size, retraction and finish.
Key applications. It is a very efficient internal polar coat in cold protection in rough environments, retaining the total capacity of the person's movement, used in activities such as: caving, canyoning (winter), Work on Height / Rope Access, Archeology, sailing, skiing, working in freezing cells, etc.
NOTE: It's an underwear, so we need to apply extra layers to increase our protection from dangerous situations, such as very low physical activity, intense cold, cold water, etc.
Benefits. With a bi-elastic tissue conforming to the skin, which reduces body heat, which increases the body's thermal efficiency in a cold environment, it is available in several sizes for optimum comfort, body adaptation, which maximizes its thermal safety. achieved. Measures according to EN 13402-3: 2004.
. It is made with different types of fabrics studied by Rodcle points for different applications, polar highly technical for Rodcle (225gr / m2 Gray and 310gr / m2 black) with high thermal adjustment that extends the comfort range to keep comfortable with the garment it realize different intensities of activity. It can be worn for a long time as a first coat because it has a pleasant inner feel and a zero synthetic feel, its outside is smooth to improve friction with the upper layers. The tissue of your armpits is bioactive to neutralize the bacterial bacteria, and their screening improves the level of evaporation.
Technical solutions in Trasgu:
    Pattern adapted to the activity.
    Wide range of thermal protection.
    Fast drying fabric.
    Comfortable, even when wet.
    Antibacterial tissue in armpits.
    Careful preparation.
    Special threads.
    Chest pocket
    Double fabric and thicker in the areas that best expose to friction.
    Wide format for a better fit.
    Neck collar to keep the temperature to meet the needs.

Available in color: Gray-Black
Sizes: 40, 42, 44, 46, 48, 50, 52, 54, 56, 58 and 60


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