Rodcle Silbato / Whistle

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Rodcle Silbato / Whistle

 A whistle without any metal parts, which makes it ideal for water sports.

It is a sound emitting signals for communication in cases where there is no direct view or if no other communication is possible due to background noise. This model is very robust and has no moving or metal parts. It has two fastening systems one elastic sling for coupling the helmet with the anchor stitch, and other less traditional recommended that it can go around the neck,

RECOMMENDED COMMUNICATION CODE: the whistle signals must be made energetic and keep a sufficient separation between them.
- A whistle: indicates STOP. Stop the maneuver that we are doing.
- Two whistles: indicate LI-BRE. Free rope
- Three whistles: indicate DES-CEN-DER / AF-DA-LEN. Need to disconnect the rope for the abseiler that means lowered it into the base or the member that has been blocked.
- Four whistle signals: indicates RE-CU-PE-RER. It is necessary to bring the rope from above because of a surplus of this that can give problems at the end of the abseil.


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