MTDE Picos

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MTDE Picos

 MTDE Picos sit harness for SRT. Top of the range, highly supportive, very adjustable sit harness. Very low attachment point to the chest ascender, maximising the effectiveness of each step. Very comfortable but requires time and care in setting it up to make it so. Sturdy 44mm tape on belt, legs, and bum strap (both these latter PVC reinforced). Three gear loops, one movable gear ring. Serious prussiking kit, and despite the name it is probably more suited for Krubera / Voronia. than the Varonia harness! 

  • Gear loops (4): Fixed 3 (strap with safety seams), 1 mobile.
  • Protections: removable PVC thigh circumference and seat strap.
  • Colours: blue / black.
  • Tour Max Belt: 112 cm.
  • Weight: 700 g.


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