Raumer Anellox 8mm A316L

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Raumer Anellox 8mm A316L

 ANELLOX  Ø8mm  -  ring in stainless steel (hole diam. 8 mm).
 This anchor device made up of a ring is well used in caving because it allows complex route equipment even without any carabiners.
Made of stainless steel wire of 8 mm in diameter. It has a particular shape designed for withstanding multidirectional stress, that makes it ideal also for overhangs. 
The hole of 8 mm in diameter allows the ring to be screw fixed or wall plugged by means of screw anchors M8. 


  • The new shape has been redesigned with a new radius that allows multidirectional traction; you can indeed use it in the three directions, not with the old model, and is also ideal for equipping roofs or overhangs.
  • The new curvature minimizes the lever arm, because it always keeps the user as close as possible to the wall and allows to simultaneously insert rope and a carabiner.
  • This anchoring ring is very appreciated in caving and rescue because it allows the creation of complex rigging systems.
  • The 8mm hole means it can be attached to the rock using screws or M8 screw anchors (such as art.149 – 122).


  • Complies with EN 795:2012 – Anchor type A
  • Complies with EN 959:2018 – Rock Anchors
  • UIAA 123


  • Material: A316L
  • Weight: 70 grams
  • Dimensions: 21 x 60 x 45 mm
  • Static Shear Resistence: 25 KN
  • Extraction Static Strenght: 20 KN
  • Usable by 1 person at a time


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