Rock Exotica rockO ORCA-Lock

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Rock Exotica rockO ORCA-Lock

 Most oval carabiners are virtually unchanged since the beginning of time. Rock Exotica has designed a modern oval that fits anywhere, is stronger and has a wide opening. Equipped with the ORCA-Lock system.

ORCA stands for Open Regular Close Car and is a 3-Stage car lock: Lift up, twist and open the gate.

Gate ORCA-lock
MBS-Major 24kN
MBS-Minor 11kN
MBS-Open 6kN
Gate Opening .93"
(22 mm)
Weight 2.85 oz
(80 g)
Height 4.2"
(107 mm)
Width 2.8" (71 mm)
Color Plum/Black
Certification CE


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