SAM Splint 36" XL

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SAM Splint 36" XL

 The wider version of the SAM Splint.

SAM Splint is the most sold splint in the world, is used by, among others medical workers, outdoorsmen and NASA and is based on the ancient principle: curves are strong. SAM Splint is made of a thin layer of aluminum surrounded by foam and is very flexible. By bending the SAM Splint is this huge stiff and can be any fracture or injured limb to be splinted. There are three basic principles for the use of the SAM Splint (Handbook). This allows a very flexible and pliable piece of aluminum to be folded into a product that has been used even by people as a paddle or snow shovel in emergency situations. Finally, the SAM Splint is easy to deform and soft enough to cut into any size.


  • Waterproof
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Transparent to X
  • Can be rolled up and folded for first aid kits and backpack
  • Fixation by means of tape
  • Works under extreme temperatures and altitude. Even under water!
  • Reusable
  • Foam surface can be cleaned and disinfected
  • Material: The core of the SAM Splint is an ultra-thin aluminum alloy. The surface is made of foam dermatologically tested

Sizes: 14 x 92 cm

Colors: Orange / Blue


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