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Mad Rock Safeguard (Springless)

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Mad Rock Safeguard (Springless)

 Springless Lifeguard

By constructing the Lifeguard without the internal spring, the Safeguard is a great tool for rescue and rigging work. It will lock onto the rope with very little force giving you the confidence that once the position of the rope is set the device will not creep or slide. Most compact and lightest autoblock device.

Very similar to Mad Rock's Lifeguard, it has a very subtle but important difference. The Safeguard (also referred to as the Lifeguard Black Edition) has a springless design (everything is the same except the spring is removed). The springless design makes it more ideal for route setters, camera operators, arborists, riggers, rope access, and other specalty uses. It will not work well for lead climbing (the red Lifeguard is designed for that).

Normally, there is a spring that engages to keep the cam open (not shut on the rope), so it is easy to pay out slack to the lead climber. In this traditional sense, it is easy to move the rope in and out without resistance. Without this spring, the cam is always on, braking the rope. So any force from the climberes side of the rope, will keep the climber held at all times.

Lowering will be the same, you'll still use the handle and override the cam.

For canyoning perfect to use for advanced canyoneers to use for ascending on rope and fast conversion to descending. Also perfect to use for tension guided rappels and other tensioned rope systems.  

  • For rescue / rigging use: 8.1mm to 11mm rope diameter
  • For climbing use: 8.9mm to 11mm rope diameter
  • Hot Forged Aluminum and Stainless Steel construction
  • Individually tested 
  • Weight: 154g
  • Made in Taiwan


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