Raumer HALTING CHAIN with: 1 ROCK 10mm + 3 tight Chains + 1 Round Ring 10mm

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Raumer HALTING CHAIN with: 1 ROCK 10mm + 3 tight Chains + 1 Round Ring 10mm

 Stainless steel AISI 316L versatile belay station (WITH Ø10mm HANGER).

Composed by: 1 Raumer Rock Ø10 mm (art110), 1Long chain and 1 Raumer Round ring Ø10 mm (art177)

There are many situations where for various reasons the placement of a belay station is not positioned in the ideal situation.

For example the rock may not be ideal, perhaps because of morphology or consistency, or the rope touches the rock below the rock in the abseil path etc.

This belay station is designed to allow the placement of a Ø10 mm bolt hanger / Raumer Rock 10mm (art 110) in the ideal spot whilst the long chain (composed of three links of a total length of L= 40cm) allows the abseil ring to act from another position, conveniently placed in the line of the anchor.

Any problems of flex generated by jerks to the links are eliminated by the strength of the material used (AISI 316L stainless steel).


ATTENTION: It is still important to back up the bolt hanger with a second anchor to guarantee safety.

This can be done through various systems, some of which are described below:

a) connect using an additional length of chain and a 8mm maillon.

b) connect to a secondary anchor using a strong piece of cordage.

c) connect to a secondary anchor using our handy connection KIT, specifically designed for this use (see art. 544 and 545).  This KIT is on demand available.

The live rope for abseiling must be inserted through the ring. However there is nothing to prevent using an additional (screwgate) carabiner to facilitate easier clipping.

A very practical belay station at a low cost.

From 2013 the material used in the majority of our anchors is now stainless steel AISI 316L, which offers a higher resistance to marine corrosion than the former AISI 304. To highlight this change each article is stamped with the relevant symbols.


  • Material: A316L
  • Radial R = 27 kN     
  • R Extraction = 25 kN
  • Weight = 385 gr


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